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Base Mounted Air Compressors

Every rotary screw manufacturer offers a base mounted screw compressor. The smaller sizes are great for tight installations or replacing a failed screw compressors on a tank mounted.

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Tank Mounted Air Compressors

Every rotary screw manufacturer offers a tank mounted screw compressor. Tank mounted air systems are generally used for smaller applications (8.6 - 125 CFM) and the major benefit is the ease..

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Total Air Systems            

Not everyone can offer a rotary screw manufacturer with the compressor, tank and dryer all mounted on a single air tank, we call these the "All in one Package" or "Total Air System".

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Variable Frequency Drive Compressors

Your Air Compressor may be the biggest energy consumer in your facility and installing a rotary screw air compressor with a VFD can help reduce your consumption dramatically when sized properly.

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100 Horsepower Rotary Screw Air Compressors offering 459 CFM @ 125 PSI

The E-Series features state of the art technology, asymmetric rotary screw profile and with oil injection power. The particular design of this system ensures the highest performance of the compression stage, thereby reducing the consumption levels to a minimum. The result is an excellent ratio between the actual installed power and the effective air yield, also permitting considerable energy and cost savings.


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Ship it fast. Compressor World stocks hundreds of rotary screw and piston air compressors in their warehouse in Pembroke, MA (30 minutes south of Boston). Our inventory reflects a few different compressor brands; Quincy Compressor, Ingersoll Rand and our Compressor World Rotary Compressors. We also ship from a various number of warehouses around the country; Virginia, North Carolina, Illinois, Indiana, Texas and California to name a few.


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